Renewable energy

Control panels and transformer room
October 23, 2019
Transfers of production lines
October 23, 2019

Since Our company is sensitive to the environmental and energy issue, it has widen out its horizons up to including sectors such as the alternative energy among its interests, with a specific focus on photovoltaic, Aeolian energies, co-generation and biomasses. It has as expanded its technical tasks to preliminary consultancy, planning and engineering of “turnkey” photovoltaic systems both for industrial and domestic use.

With regards to the engineering of “turnkey” photovoltaic systems, Penta System provides its customers with assistance from the first step with specific operations. It undertakes a survey directly on the site, then it follows with a feasibility study together with an evaluation of the cash flows, years of amortization, and an estimation of the bankability together with the main bank institutions. Afterwards Penta System deals with the required application to the authorized institutions ( local supplier, UTIF, municipality, GSE) with the purpose to obtain the investments provided for by the low on the behalf of customers (D.M 19/02/2007). Sophisticated facilities and cutting-edge softwares are relevant and substantial to the engineering and wiring policy of our company.