Specialized and prototypical equipment

Interventions on machine tools
October 23, 2019
Technological systems
November 4, 2019

Mock up

The mock up system is carried out by Sogin S.p.A., prominent national company in charge with environmental remediation over the Italian nuclear sites as well as with the safety policy regarding the radioactive waste. The mock system represents a full-scale-prototype of one of the basic components of radioactive waste disposal plant, which will be implemented to remove the waste storage in Rondella (mt) together with the temporary warehouse The mock System works by conditioning tests over the wastes through a process of cementation inside simulation casks. The stainless steel casks are successively put into other “overpack” casks of established, adequate measures in order to provide for a protective screen from radioactive emissions. The system is composed of a roller conveyor mechanism, from a mechanic positioning apparatus which collocates it on the cementation unit. The latter determines, by means of an hydraulic motor, the rotation of the impeller within the cask an the cementation of the inserted radioactive waste. All these operations must be executed in the observance of the instructions of a programmed and specific set up relevant for modality and time of manufacturing and control. The most relevant activities regarding the mechanic and hydraulic engineering together with the electric automation system of all components, including the pre-assembly of the principal units, have been carried out at Penta System locations while the assembly of the components is a specific task of the Sogin Company in Rondella.

Test bench

It deals the automat system concerning the software and hardware in use as outlined in the National Instruments operating system for the implementation of both synoptic cycle and cycle of operation to be applied to test benches on common rail CP1 pumps. It also deals with a double workplace test bench (35/40 kw), power panels, control systems in conformity the National Instruments operating System and hydraulic system to apply to fatigue test bench on Common Rail CP3 pumps.